Insurance Coverage

Title Pac offers specific insurance for title professionals, specializing in solutions for E&O, Crime, Data Breach/Cyber and state Bond requirements. We provide separate policy solutions for each coverage, bringing full policy limits that are not a small sub-limit inside your E&O policy. We understand that full policy limits mean better coverage without sacrificing your E&O policy if a claim was made.

Our clients also rely on our extensive knowledge of the title industry and the coverage provided by the products we offer.  This gives us an independent voice to discuss coverage and risk. Our insight is not controlled by title insurance underwriting relationships with possible conflicts of interest to our policyholders. 

Every day we explain what a Claims Made E&O Policy is along with understanding the importance of your Retroactive Date (Prior Acts Date), Extended Reporting Period options, and the definition of Professional Services under the policy. Call us if you need an explanation for any of these things.